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wow, livejournal [08 May 2008|02:06pm]

I can't believe it's been so long since i've written in my journal.  I spend most of my time on just one site, not myspace but very lame so I would rather not mention it (don't want to be considered a dork).  I am spending a lot of time offline too with the most beautiful baby girl in the world, Cassidy Mae (aug. 3rd bday), and also an alright boyfriend Brian.  We have our moments, as does every couple it seems, but he really is great when it comes down to it.

So I think I might want to start writing in here more, I miss some of the people that I have on my friends list, and would love to re-connect with them.  Looking around I see they visit here more than others such as myspace, so here is my quick note telling you all to expect posts and such!  I shall get back in the swing of things soon, and miss most all of my old friends who are still around LJ.

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... [18 Sep 2006|12:52am]
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BEST LINE EVER [28 Aug 2006|12:23am]
Well That Can't Be Good

Brian, I about died laughing right there. It's funny, i'm talking to him and yet he doesn't even have an LJ...

What a life I live.

On a sidenote - Isn't Kyle just a cutie? I love my new icon, can't wait because finally I get to see the season finale tomorrow! Eep.
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[08 Mar 2006|09:53am]
I have a problem.

Switchfoot is coming to Burlington, and i'm dying to go see their show. Problem is I don't know anybody that'd be interested in watching them perform, and the only way I can get closer seats is if I buy two tickets instead of one. They're only 24.50, or something around there, so anybody want to go? It's at the Flynn, and I could go and buy the tickets now so we'll be closer to the stage! It's cheap! I just really need somebody who's a fan of them, and right now I don't know who is or not :(
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[02 Mar 2006|01:31pm]
I'm going to see Rob Thomas on Tuesday!
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Bizzy Died [25 Jan 2006|08:00am]
Bizzy jumped out of his tank a couple of days ago. I found him laying on the floor, but he was still breathing. I ended up putting him in the tank, and he started to swim again. He stopped eating though, and for the past two days he was just huddling against the corner of the tank at the bottom. He was pale and his fins were all white. He was suffering, so I couldn't watch him go through that anymore.

Poor little fish, I had him for almost four years...

and now I have to work all day at school. Um yay?
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i love this! [04 Dec 2005|10:45am]

Danny and Dougie from mcfly

Isn't this the cutest icon?
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MOVING! [05 Nov 2005|05:38pm]
Alright, so I just thought i'd change usernames for the hell of it. My new journal name is going to be hea_t_her, so feel free to run over there and add me as a friend! I'll add ya back right away!

I won't be trashing this journal though, but i'm just in the mood for a name change for the time-being. Who knows, I might even be back to this one in some time...depends again.

hea_t_her is the name! Learn it and love it baby!
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YAY! [03 Nov 2005|08:00am]
So as you all know, or should at least be aware of, I work as a substitute at my elementary school. My aunt, she also works here (as does my mother but thats a different story), came up to me today and asked if I wanted to be a member of the basketball team tomorrow night. I actually get to play ball again! Aren't you excited for me? Of course it's only going to be for one night, but i'm going to be on a basketball team! Woohoo! Yay!
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[15 Oct 2005|11:27am]

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come check this RP out [26 Mar 2005|08:19am]


Hey come check out this roleplay.  You pretty much make up ANY character you want and RP as that character...total MADE UP character and ANYTHING goes...


[[and I know this post is public but I want everyone to see this one post...we really need new characters...]]

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Sorry to do this guys.... [11 Mar 2005|11:43pm]

Sorry guys but I thought I would make this friends only...alot of things go on that I don't want just any random people knowing...leave a comment and I will add you :)


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Mer's thing that she is making me do [09 Mar 2005|10:59pm]
mmmk, here's a chain thing i want to start..cause i'm bored...make me a banner expressing your love to me...you could handwrite it, and take a digital pic of it..or you could make it on paint, or any graphic maker thing...just please make it. then post it in this post as a comment...then, put this in your LJ and i'll make one for you, along with all your other friends.

PLEASE DO THIS!!!! I'll love you forever.....

((haha i copied the whole thing Mer!))
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TURTLE DREAM! [09 Mar 2005|11:39am]
Holy shit you guys I woke up fucking laughing HYSTERICALLY today! I loved it!

alright so we were in this warehouse. It was like 'American Idol' but just for people who want to become actors. Well I was sitting by my friend and on the other side of her was a TURTLE. Now this turtle was like a guy in a turtle suit but he was really a turtle, just as tall as a man (did that make sense?). Well anyway there is this part where the turtle leaves and the 'Director' is going around the circle telling everyone what he thinks about them. Well the turtle comes back in and walks over to his seat and then just puts his hands over his mouth and starts balling and going hysterical. I looked over to see what the problem was and there was this turtle, normal turtle size, and it was dead and it's shell was all broken. It was HILLARIOUS! Too see this HUGE turtle MAN crying over this LITTLE turtle. I laughed SOOOOOOO hard! It was a pretty twisted dream!
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I hate SUBJECT lines! [08 Mar 2005|09:02pm]
[ mood | calm ]

Alright so to start things off, I feel like such a BITCH! I told Meredith I would call her at 9:30 tonight and never did. I feel so bad now. I might just call her when I wake up tomorrow and at least leave a voice message if she is in school. I'm SORRY Mere!

I just found out today that dad will have a ten day vacation before they ship him over to Iraq in July so mom is going to buy him the plane ticket so he can come home. We haven't seen him since the end of January I think it was, so she jumped at the idea of having him come home if only for 10 days.

man today was so nice when I got to wake up at 11:30 and just turn on my computer and chat with Meredith, everyone else was in school, except for the two of us 'cause we are cool like that. lol! We have been having the most random conversations ever about like back in the day Fox Family Channel. It's hillarious! I laugh so hard like every time we chat. we are so random!

Next Thursday I am going to be here over night alone. It's freaky for me to be in this house alone, alot of break-in's go on around the town so I don't want to have to worry about waking up and seeing some strange person in my house...AHH! Man I wish I could have a party but not alot of people like Thursday night parties. I guess I will have to save that for the next vacation when my BaBy PuErToRiCaN comes up to visit me at my house! OMG Sunny PUTO talked to me the other night and wants me to go visit him when I go down there...haha aint that hillarious?

I am going to go check on my RP boards right now since I am BORED OFF MY ASS! If you are online right now IM me or something...i'm falling asleep!

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OMG GUESS WHAT I CAN DO!?!?! [03 Mar 2005|03:21pm]

Well i was messing around on my mother's computer today and noticed that she has Adobe PhotoDeluxe.  Not that isn't as good as PSP but guess what?  I can still make ICONS and BANNERS and BLENDS!  You have no friggen idea how flippin happy I was!  I just had to check it out to see how cool it was and guess what?  I suck at at!  Completely!  But hey at least I don't have to ask all of the time for a little icon or something that I could probably make myself now...hehe I'm so proud.  So I am going to be making a few minor banner's and Icons since those seem to be the easiest....hehe I am still loading pics on my computer, It takes FOREVER!

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Complete Night Owl [03 Mar 2005|02:20pm]

Alright I have started to notice something.  I stay up later and later every morning.  It's really weird but I finally managed to pull off stay up until 3 this morning, at least I had Kaci to talk to or I would have probably knocked out by 2.  Sleep is so over-rated anyway! 

I was looking through some old pictures today and came too the funniest one ever!  It was from like a year ago when I was in the play 'The Bridge' and I was the head troll.  Oh Yeah!  Man they had to tease my hair and it looked hillarious!  Plus the fact that half of my face was grey, man that was one hell of a show!  I am going to have to put one of those pictures on here...it makes me laugh therefore it should make you all laugh too.  Most of you were actually there to begin with though. 

Well I am going to stop this wonderful update for now.  I will probably have more to write about later.  Sorry for missing your call Adam and Jettie.  I am calling you back right now!

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ghetto dancing [27 Feb 2005|01:16am]
okay so do you remember how I was so excited for the hip-hop dancing right? well it cost 4 dollars to get in that joint just to sit there for an hour doing absolutely nothing because we were early for the show. The show was delayed 15 minutes and so it started at like 8:15. My cousins dance group performed, which it lasted 4 minutes, and then my aunt wanted to leave. So I pretty much paid 4 dollars for a 4 minute show, it sucked! Krysta was fricken drinking anyway so when she got up on stage she messed up at first. She wasn't even that good. The other people danced so much better then her....maybe if she was completely sober it would have been better! man i am still just so damn bitter for paying that much money for absolutely NOTHING! Damnit!

On a good note though, I bought TI's CD which has Bring Em Out on it! I love that song! It is awesome! I have been listening to it none-stop! Well not right now since I am about to go to bed but I just wanted to put this stuff in here since I haven't updated lately. Oh and another awesome thing was the amount of gorgeous black guys that were at that thing! Damn, I was like in heaven! In the whole crowd, pretty good sized crowd, there were like 7 white people. It was just so awesome to see everyone come together like that! It was so cool! I was just pissed that we couldn't stay for the whole entire thing! Damn Amy! That part fucking sucked.
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[15 Feb 2005|01:25am]

Well I haven't written in here for a while so here goes..

okay steph and i haven't hung out in a while so we decided to go shopping and eat out on saturday.  well we get to Hannaford's where I actually get to have like a 25 second conversation with Matt which was fun.  But the funny part is actually when we go to McDonalds in Swanton.  We walk in there and order our stuff and everything and go to sit down.  Now our booth we decided to sit in faces the girls bathroom door.  I for some reason chose to sit facing the door.  Well there is this older woman, at least was pushing 40, and she had to go to the bathroom.  Well she goes in the bathroom and for some reason starts pulling her pants down before the outside door actually closed completely so I saw half of her ass practically.  When I am chowing on some fast food I don't really want to see some old womans ass...it was disguisting!  Well anyway all of a sudden there is this old couple next to us and they shit their pants!  well not shit their pants as in actual shit but it sure sounded it!  Then my friend gets in on all of this shittin' themselves action and is laughing so hard that she does it too.  Now here I am sitting in between my best friend shitting herself and this old couple shitting themselves.  (((shittin' themselves just means farting, but it makes me laugh saying shiitin' themselves)))  I finally got up and told her we had to leave so she got up too.  She had to bring her mother back some food though so we got in line again.  Well this guy, probably mid-twenties maybe, comes in and is standing behind me.  Well after everything that has gone down I am laughing hysterically.  All of a sudden we hear this guy go "She's Happy." so we turn around ((steph does this funny Matrix turn really slow and her facial expression was hillarious)) and all of a sudden he says "Are you two married?" Okay Poll: If a guy asks you that would you think he was asking if you were married to each other, or just married in general.  Well of course I say HELL NO and he was like 'cool you live around here?' i told him maybe because i didn't really want the guy knowing.  he was freaking me out.  finally we said goodbye and left.  After that the whole entire day we did nothing but laugh about how messed up like two hours was....it was hillarious!

Then, after that eventful saturday, mom and i went to Plattsburgh on Sunday to get a few things.  I got Degarssi Season 1 on DVD and I love it!  Got Bully too, Boy is that movie amazing!  Well I guess Sunday wasn't really that eventfull.

the real other event happened tonight, around 11:30ish.  My aunt was sleeping in her trailer, in her room of course, which is right by the main door to get into the house.  Well all of a sudden she felt a really cold draft so she got up and looked out into the rest of her house.  Well she has these little nightlight things around and she could see a shadow.  Well she goes out into the dining room and flips on the switch and it is Peter Corliss.  Now he is freaked cause Amy startled him so he just stands there in the middle of her living room and is like 'where is franny?  is she here?' so of course Amy tells him 'get the fuck out of my house.' but he just stands there.  She calls the police, they show up, and take him away.  Wouldn't you freak out if some strange person was standing in the middle of your living room?  I have known Peter since I was a very little girl and he is a short guy, probably 5'2",  and he isn't very violent so she was at least safe for the most part.  he is just a little slow in the head.  I would have died though if all of a sudden, if i was living alone, i see some strange man in my living room.  It was really freaky hearing about it.  I feel so bad for her!  My mom came in and told me while I was watching 'Sugar' which is actually a pretty good movie too. 

wow this journal entry was really long.  I am sorry for keeping all of you and making you read this.  It was probably pointless to most of you, but for some other ones maybe it put a smile on your face.  I bought my hampster a new cage on Sunday.  It is really cute.  Well I should probably go chase him down now and put him back in his cage.  Have a great night everyone!  Peace!

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