Heather (crazyheather41) wrote,


Holy shit you guys I woke up fucking laughing HYSTERICALLY today! I loved it!

alright so we were in this warehouse. It was like 'American Idol' but just for people who want to become actors. Well I was sitting by my friend and on the other side of her was a TURTLE. Now this turtle was like a guy in a turtle suit but he was really a turtle, just as tall as a man (did that make sense?). Well anyway there is this part where the turtle leaves and the 'Director' is going around the circle telling everyone what he thinks about them. Well the turtle comes back in and walks over to his seat and then just puts his hands over his mouth and starts balling and going hysterical. I looked over to see what the problem was and there was this turtle, normal turtle size, and it was dead and it's shell was all broken. It was HILLARIOUS! Too see this HUGE turtle MAN crying over this LITTLE turtle. I laughed SOOOOOOO hard! It was a pretty twisted dream!
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