Heather (crazyheather41) wrote,

ghetto dancing

okay so do you remember how I was so excited for the hip-hop dancing right? well it cost 4 dollars to get in that joint just to sit there for an hour doing absolutely nothing because we were early for the show. The show was delayed 15 minutes and so it started at like 8:15. My cousins dance group performed, which it lasted 4 minutes, and then my aunt wanted to leave. So I pretty much paid 4 dollars for a 4 minute show, it sucked! Krysta was fricken drinking anyway so when she got up on stage she messed up at first. She wasn't even that good. The other people danced so much better then her....maybe if she was completely sober it would have been better! man i am still just so damn bitter for paying that much money for absolutely NOTHING! Damnit!

On a good note though, I bought TI's CD which has Bring Em Out on it! I love that song! It is awesome! I have been listening to it none-stop! Well not right now since I am about to go to bed but I just wanted to put this stuff in here since I haven't updated lately. Oh and another awesome thing was the amount of gorgeous black guys that were at that thing! Damn, I was like in heaven! In the whole crowd, pretty good sized crowd, there were like 7 white people. It was just so awesome to see everyone come together like that! It was so cool! I was just pissed that we couldn't stay for the whole entire thing! Damn Amy! That part fucking sucked.
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