Heather (crazyheather41) wrote,

Complete Night Owl

Alright I have started to notice something.  I stay up later and later every morning.  It's really weird but I finally managed to pull off stay up until 3 this morning, at least I had Kaci to talk to or I would have probably knocked out by 2.  Sleep is so over-rated anyway! 

I was looking through some old pictures today and came too the funniest one ever!  It was from like a year ago when I was in the play 'The Bridge' and I was the head troll.  Oh Yeah!  Man they had to tease my hair and it looked hillarious!  Plus the fact that half of my face was grey, man that was one hell of a show!  I am going to have to put one of those pictures on here...it makes me laugh therefore it should make you all laugh too.  Most of you were actually there to begin with though. 

Well I am going to stop this wonderful update for now.  I will probably have more to write about later.  Sorry for missing your call Adam and Jettie.  I am calling you back right now!

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