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I hate SUBJECT lines!

Alright so to start things off, I feel like such a BITCH! I told Meredith I would call her at 9:30 tonight and never did. I feel so bad now. I might just call her when I wake up tomorrow and at least leave a voice message if she is in school. I'm SORRY Mere!

I just found out today that dad will have a ten day vacation before they ship him over to Iraq in July so mom is going to buy him the plane ticket so he can come home. We haven't seen him since the end of January I think it was, so she jumped at the idea of having him come home if only for 10 days.

man today was so nice when I got to wake up at 11:30 and just turn on my computer and chat with Meredith, everyone else was in school, except for the two of us 'cause we are cool like that. lol! We have been having the most random conversations ever about like back in the day Fox Family Channel. It's hillarious! I laugh so hard like every time we chat. we are so random!

Next Thursday I am going to be here over night alone. It's freaky for me to be in this house alone, alot of break-in's go on around the town so I don't want to have to worry about waking up and seeing some strange person in my house...AHH! Man I wish I could have a party but not alot of people like Thursday night parties. I guess I will have to save that for the next vacation when my BaBy PuErToRiCaN comes up to visit me at my house! OMG Sunny PUTO talked to me the other night and wants me to go visit him when I go down there...haha aint that hillarious?

I am going to go check on my RP boards right now since I am BORED OFF MY ASS! If you are online right now IM me or something...i'm falling asleep!
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