Heather (crazyheather41) wrote,

wow, livejournal

I can't believe it's been so long since i've written in my journal.  I spend most of my time on just one site, not myspace but very lame so I would rather not mention it (don't want to be considered a dork).  I am spending a lot of time offline too with the most beautiful baby girl in the world, Cassidy Mae (aug. 3rd bday), and also an alright boyfriend Brian.  We have our moments, as does every couple it seems, but he really is great when it comes down to it.

So I think I might want to start writing in here more, I miss some of the people that I have on my friends list, and would love to re-connect with them.  Looking around I see they visit here more than others such as myspace, so here is my quick note telling you all to expect posts and such!  I shall get back in the swing of things soon, and miss most all of my old friends who are still around LJ.

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haha as soon as we got the Elton John Tickets I thought of Crocodile Rock and our jam sessions!